What a great time for hotels…

We here at Henshall Electrical, know how hard it has been for anyone in the hospitality and the hotel industry. We want to help you regain your former glory.

Although, given the circumstances, it may sound ridiculous to say that there has never been a better time for hotels; we firmly believe that now is the time, if ever there was one, for hotels to seize the day to get all those little (and big) tasks done.

So that when you are ready for re-opening, you will be enticing prospective customers with those freshly painted walls, lovely and clean areas and all the modern touches too.

How can we help and what can be done to help restore the health of a hotel and ensure that all those customers get that all round wonderful experience?

A full rewire:

Whilst you are (sadly) unable to accept guests, if you have been meaning to get round to re-wiring your entire place, now is a great time. Even if it hasn’t crossed your mind, this is the ideal opportunity to think about out with the old and in with the new.

Stripping out and replacing cables that are old, worn, and mixed ages, and replacing them with up-to-date wiring will ensure that you always have the right cabling, at the right time, with the right capacity for your guests.

Old wiring does deteriorate with time and as most modern appliances use electricity, the demand on old switchboards/circuit-boards can lead to a strain and could cause an outage or worse a fire.

There are, of course, other advantages of having a full rewire done whilst you are closed to guests. It means that we can have access to all areas, undertake work simultaneously, make all the necessary changes in one go, it’s a quicker process and, ultimately the clean-up will be easier for everyone.

New equipment

If you are planning on installing new electrical equipment, then now is a great time.
You can have it installed and be testing it so that you can be sure as soon as you are allowed to open again, you can make the most of it.


Having the chance to upgrade your rooms whether individually or as a whole package can be time consuming and can have an impact on profit. Using the opportunity to upgrade them now, means that you won’t have to suspend bookings/ or turn away potential guests.


Having your electrical installation checked over to ensure that it is in tip top condition, means that you can always be assured that your staff and guests are safe. We not only undertake a visual inspection but the more in-depth EICR (Electrical Inspection Condition Report). Although not compulsory, we are sure you would rather have peace of mind and it will no doubt be a welcome document for your insurers to have on file.

Save you money in the long run!

By upgrading or replacing your existing electrics you can build in future-proofing, as well, which means that you can opt for LED lights, sockets with USB points, up-to-date alarms and bedroom door systems etc. You can also opt for smart systems that control heating and lighting and eco-friendly systems that will help lower not only your bills but hopefully your environmental impact.

So, if you are wondering what the ultimate gain is for you, as a business owner, it is the opportunity to be one smart step ahead of the competition. With hope on the horizon in the form of the vaccine, we are looking forward to seeing you full to the brim, as we emerge from lockdown.

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