Outdoor lighting to brighten up your evening

Outdoor lighting can be an awesome addition to your home or business.

As the nights have drawn in and the light has vanished from the outside, who wants to be stuck indoors looking out at the blackness?

With a flick of a switch (wireless if needs be) you can bring your garden to life outside once again.

Lighting a garden is a lot more than simply flooding it with light with a security light. Sure, they have their place in deterring unwanted visitors or allowing your pets some helpful assistance to night-time ablutions, but its more than that. By layering your light levels, you can create a depth to a garden that belies its true size.

Have a favourite tree that you love? Light it up!!

Have a feature wall or fence that you love? Light it up!!

Even lighting your lawn creates a fantastic effect.

Up lights, down lights, flood lights (used correctly!) even LED strip lighting can all create that wonderful illusion of space and style to your garden. All it needs is some imagination and thought. If you’re struggling for that check out these guys for some inspiration – Collingwood Inspiration.

Wow! how good are they! Some seriously nice lighting effects that can be created easily and effectively.

We now have the technology to do this with minimal impact to your home.

We can install wireless switches, sensors, timers and even control it all with an App to fully connect you to your outside lights. Gone are the days of having to get switch wires chased into your home!!

This brings us onto the security aspect, it’s a known fact that intruders don’t like light and noise, it’s a big no-no in the shady world of burglars.

That’s why with the addition of strategically placed sensors you can have automated control of your lights which will alert and warn off would-be intruders. You can even have alerts set to warn you of this whilst you are away. With the technology available at the moment we can do pretty much what we want in terms of control. How exciting!!

outside lights 

With this comes the aspect of maintenance. It’s all well and good installing these products and sitting back and admiring them but without proactive maintenance they will start to fail, as all products will do in their lifetime.

The harsh British weather puts paid to many a fitting way before its expected end of life date.


It’s always the same outcome and reason, poorly selected material and no maintenance.

We always recommend to clients to have a walk round once a month, clear any garden vegetation from lenses and fittings, wipe over the fittings and apply a light covering of ACF-50, this is an anti-corrosive formula that will help to maintain the lights going forward.

And there you have it, a little advice and value on getting your garden and outside space looking and working the way you want it to, once those lovely summer months have gone.

Do get in touch if you’d like to discuss some options – we enjoy the design aspect too. Give us a call on 01202 303983 today.