Meet the team… Andrew Staines, Head Electrician

Andy Staines

How long have you worked at Henshall Electrical?

18 months this time round but worked with Kris on and off since 2012 I think?? Maybe even 2011.


What’s your job role at Henshall Electrical?

Approved electrician with responsibility for managing some contracts


What motivates you every day to come to work?

Doing a job I love for a great team


What do you love about your work?

1 part sheer geek factor as I’m fascinated by electricity, the science behind it, control methods and the wiring regulations

1 part graft as I enjoy a practical job where I can use the skills and experience I’ve built up from many professions over the years

1 part people, whether that’s the team, customers or other tradespeople in the sites were involved in


What do you do outside work?

family time, walking on the Purbeck coast, playing guitar, canoeing and soon to be paddleboarding, cooking, Pilates and yoga


What’s your favourite food/drink combo?

Curry and ipa or coffee and cake


Dogs or cats?



Beer or wine?

Beer- craft IPA


Favourite film?

O brother where art thou


Tell us a joke……………………..

Cheese sandwich walks into a pub and asks the landlord for a pint of lager, the landlord says “I’m sorry we don’t serve food”