Software for managing large projects

large projects

It is always an exciting time when large projects lands on my desk, excitement for me, my team and ultimately the client and what impact it will make upon their lives.

But what it may do is overwhelm, let me explain.

Many years ago, when I had projects of a size drop in, I had a tendency to look at the project as a whole and wonder where to start, this led to procrastination and ultimately delaying getting it finished.

It wasn’t that I or my team didn’t possess the knowledge to achieve the work, it was that I was looking at it incorrectly.

With larger projects you have to break it down into manageable sections.

By doing this it provides clarity, clarity for you and clarity for your client.

Over the years I have managed this process manually. This has been cumbersome and time consuming and having won contracts; proved to be difficult to manage through the business, to the team and ultimately the client.

Communication is key through managing projects of any size, more so on larger ones as important details and instructions can be missed and affect progress, leading to dissatisfied clients and loss of revenue, both not good!

Moving forward through the years, myself and my team have pushed on and implemented many methods of managing these projects.

Software trials

I can honestly say I have trialled just about every software there is to try to reach maximum efficiency!

We have used Google calendars, great but not very flexible, we have used task management apps such as Evernote, these were all fine in their own way but didn’t tick the boxes.

The breakthrough came with GeoOp.

This was the breakthrough software, it allowed cross communication from myself to my team to our clients and led to becoming a more organised unit. Project management had stepped up a gear!

However, in the constant pursuit of perfection, it wasn’t enough and I began the search again, we lacked overall project management which has always been the ultimate aim for the business – large projects.

We landed on ServiceM8 which we currently utilise now, this has been transformative again and over the last 18 months has really benefited us and our clients and the projects we work on. It’s a fantastic piece of software and the feedback from the team and clients has been awesome… but… and yes, you’ve guessed it…

We are moving again!

As any business develops and grows and projects become more complicated and clients’ needs become more specific you have to move with it and get ahead or you go backwards, it’s as simple as that.


We are now moving to a new platform called SimPro.

I am confident that this one will now service our needs for many years to come and will allow growth whilst also allowing the personal touch that many of our clients love from us.

From initial enquiry, breaking a project down to quote for, to winning the contract,

to giving the team the info they need, to the suppliers having the info they need to give us the most competitive pricing we need to win these jobs, it has it all, we even have a nice client portal!

Anyway, SimPro is a whole different blog!

In all of this process, evolution and time, my ultimate aim has always been to make the processes easy, quick and accurate for all involved in a projects journey. I’ve not always achieved that and I hold my hands up, but it’s not been for want of trying and improving to help our clients get the very best customer service.

Going forward with SimPro being implemented to its fullest, I’m excited to deliver projects that we as a team, and you as a client can be proud of, if not I’ll be on the lookout again for a system that may add to the process!!!