Is being an electrician stressful?

being an electrician stressful

People ask me if being an electrician stressful all the time. Simply put and for me it’s a… no, it’s a pleasure, no seriously over the years I have been fortunate enough to create and maintain some amazing electrical installations which have benefited people in so many ways.

The beautiful aspect of our industry is having an end product to stand back and admire, without waiting too long. There’s some serious satisfaction with this and it’s definitely a buzz when you get a client’s lights back on after a tricky fault find, or you light up the outside of a building, bringing it to life at night.

As with anything in life you get out what you put in and being an electrician, you have to invest in yourself and your company.

There isn’t a day goes by where I haven’t learnt something new in my industry!

Honestly the more you dig the more you find and having an inquisitive, and some might say, slightly obsessive attitude to discovering better ways to doing things, it does bring learning opportunities and is a vocation for me. The team I have around me from the office staff to the apprentice all add value to this and I actively encourage them to learn and ask questions!

One of the hardest aspects of being an electrician, when on site, is working alongside other trades. Timescales are always tight, and communication is key for making sure a project runs smoothly, some trades are better than others at doing this 😬. It always pays to have a plan, no matter how small, it goes a long way in helping a project run smoothly.

Small spaces can be difficult

Another is small spaces! Being 6ft 4 doesn’t help in getting to those under the stair’s cupboards or small alcoves within a loft, many a time I have had to shimmy out ungracefully from a tight spot, it’s all part of the job I suppose!!

As a company we have invested heavily in job management software. This has taken a huge amount of pressure off of me as the business owner and has helped to create a client journey I would be happy to experience. Again, communication is key and regular updates and even a little text to say we are on our way, goes a long way in helping.

There is always room for improvement however and I don’t rest on my laurels.

We as a company and individuals are always assessing and tweaking our processes and ways of working. It’s imperative to do this to make sure we provide the best service possible!

Finally, the job of an electrician is as stressful as you make it, we all have the ability to manage our time effectively and efficiently and ultimately this leads to a natural work rhythm. The ability to step back, analyse and plan go a long way in making sure you are working in a safe way, for both you and the client.

No one like a busy fool who’s careless.

Please do contact us to take the stress out of your electrical problem.