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Electrical Design

Good design lies at the heart of all successful projects. This is especially so where electrical equipment, circuits and supplies are concerned. Using our expert electricians and drawing on their extensive knowledge and experience can help you achieve a safe, elegant, economic and convenient system.

We invite clients who are planning a new electrical installation or maintenance to their existing premises to contact us here at Henshall Electrical where you can expect a high-quality service. Our team will ensure that the design and specification meet the most stringent regulatory requirements, will provide the functionality you need and ensure that value for money is uppermost.

By choosing Henshall Electrical to undertake the design, installation and commissioning of your electrical services, you can feel safe in the knowledge that current Wiring and Building Regulations have been taken account of at the earliest stage of the project. We will make sure that you are fully informed and in control of your project, whether a new build property, refurbishment or maintenance work.

We will be pleased to quote on any aspect of electrical installation or maintenance work that you may be considering now or in the future and would invite you to contact us at the earliest opportunity.

Please contact us for any of your electrical requirements and technical queries that you may have and we will be pleased to help with your enquiry.

Circuit Design
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Commercial lighting design service
Fire Risk assessment and system design
Smart Home Systems
Heating and ventilation control circuits
Complex commercial and industrial cable calculations


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