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Audio Visual and Data Networks

Whether you are a domestic or commercial client we can provide solutions to your AV and data network requirements.

Audio visual (AV) systems are right at the heart of modern living but nobody wants to see the cabling! Our skilled AV installers will work minor miracles in ensuring that all wiring is hidden, the controls are intuitive and the effect is mind blowing. We want you to have seamless integration of video on demand, using products such as HDanywhere, surround sound using sonos or similar, smart home systems such as Loxone and mood lighting with smart control to suit every occasion. 

Many people rely on simple WIFI for their connected experience, but we find that in larger properties or those containing lots of structural metal work, a wired data network can be worth it’s weight in gold. We use purpose built home and small office data cabinets to house patch panels and routing equipment, discreetly sited in a service cupboard. Wired ethernet also boasts higher levels of security and greater bandwidth with up to 1000 Mb per second possible over structured cabling systems.

We love playing with lights, who doesn’t? Modern RGBW LED systems can add the ultimate mood lighting to any room or venue. Change the mood instantly with a myriad of colour options or utilise the Cool to Warm White options for task lighting or chill time. We work closely with a number of smart home suppliers such as Loxone and intelligent lighting suppliers and can arrange for a specialist consultation to ensure your product meets your expectations and is built just for you!

Hidden speakers, corner speakers, ceiling speakers, multi room speakers, we can design it all and offer solutions to your whole house audio requirements. From simple plug and play Sonos systems to multi channel whole house options, we can help you.

Your home or business will be transformed by the addition of a bespoke AV system so get in touch with the team at Henshall Electrical for a chat or to arrange a site visit.

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